A reminder: MAHLER’S THIRD. AN EVENING OF SOUND AND LIGHT is not an event suitable for pre-school aged children!

July 16, 2015. year • News

The concert MAHLER’S THIRD. AN EVENING OF SOUND AND LIGHT that will take place tomorrow, on the 17th of July, at 10pm in Cēsis castle park will be recorded by radio “Klasika” and, in order to guarantee the best possible enjoyment for both the musicians and the audience, children under 7 years of age will not be admitted. The Creative Nursery will be available in Cēsis Castle where kind nannies will take care of the little ones and mysterious guests will arive bringing along stories, tales and games.

The Nursery will open its doors thirty minutes before the beginning of the event. Children aged 2–10 are warmly welcome! The cost for one child is 3€; for two from one family 4 €; for SEB clients – free of charge. Tickets will be available at the Nursery.

Children aged 7-10 will be admitted to the concert if the parents assure they will hold full responsibility of their youngsters staying calm and quiet during the performance.