Concert at Cēsis St John’s Church

August 01, 2018. year • News

‘Women in the Realm of Organ Music’ at Cēsis St John’s Church will be a tribute to the Latvian women composers who have created, developed and enriched the image of organ music in Latvia and in the world.

In collaboration with the Latvia’s centenary culture programme
Soloists: Ligita Sneibe (organ), Inga Šļubovska (soprano)
Programme: music by Latvian female composers

The programme features the soothing ‘Sanctus’ by Maija Einfelde, the energetic ‘Bridges and Streams’ by Selga Mence, written in 2016 and dedicated to the organ player Tālivaldis Deksnis on his 70thbirthday, and ‘Meditation’ by Lūcija Garūta, a musical piece that is small in size yet rich and vivid in colour.
‘Fire Ritual’ by Indra Riše references the traditions of the ancient Balts who were known to hold fire rituals four times a year ‒ at summer and winter solstice and during the autumn and spring equinox, the time when day and night are the same length. Just like the ancient rituals, this musical piece invites the listener both to engage in deep contemplation and ‘burn’ negative energy, cleansing themselves and worshipping the Sun.

‘Viderunt omnes’ by Ligita Sneibe is a commission from the Latvian Radio as part of the Millennium Project of the European Broadcasting Union. The project involved composers from many countries creating original pieces inspired by the ‘Viderunt omnes’ organum by Pérotin, which is one of the oldest existing scores of polyphonic music. The first edition of Ligita Sneibe’s work was written in 1999, the second one ‒ in 2005.

‘Waltz’ by Dzintra Kurme-Gedroica makes the sound of the organ erupt in a burst of impetuous rhythm every once in a little while, only to calm down eventually and finally subside as a distant reminiscence.
The programme to be performed on 5 August 2018 at Cēsis St John’s Church is best described in three words: Power and Beauty.
The concert is held in association with the cultural programme of the Latvian Centenary and the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.