Solo: Guntars Freibergs, Elvijs Endelis, Mikus Bāliņš, Ernests Mediņš

Latvian documentary film GAUJA (1934), which has been digitally remastered specially for this project. The film will be projected onto the riverside cliffs, thereby creating an exceptional audiovisual effect.

Perpetuum ritmico – A new, unbelievably talented and charismatic generation of percussionists in Latvia has come into its own. Several years ago some of them came together to form the group Perpetuum ritmico, and we are honored to have them opening this year’s Festival. The group’s current lineup includes Guntars Freibergs, Elvijs Endelis, Mikus Bāliņš, and Ernests Mediņš. With their catchy, unpredictable and passionate playing style they’ve rapidly gleaned both the public’s admiration and professional respect from their peers.

Guntars Freibergs says: “On the banks of the Gauja River the audience will hear something completely fresh and unique. For the first time we’ve created a concert program that consists purely of our own compositions for percussion. The foundation of our musical experiments is our never-ending search for new sounds and new ideas. After all, isn’t percussion mostly about just that?”

Concertgoers will experience a dramaturgically coherent array of widely differing genres of music, from classical styles to crossover opuses with elements of drum’n’bass and electronic music.

Along with the usual percussion instruments – the marimba, vibraphones, timpani, drum sets, bells, congas, tom-toms, and cymbals – we’ll be hearing more unusual sound objects, too: flower pots, bottles, and car parts. There will be no lack of surprises here!