Pianis Reinis Zariņš, three-time winner of Latvia’s Grand Music Award, is celebrated by the Latvian public as a distinguished and deep-thinking musician who has shown in his solo programs how one can add unexpected vibrancy and content to apparently well-known compositions.

Based in Prague and Amsterdam, artist Maryleen Schiltkamp has performed at festivals held in the biggest cities of Europe and America. Her latest passion is the fusion of music and visual art in the form of a combination concert/live-painting-exhibition in which she follows the impulses that arise from the playing of live music. It is important to note that MusicPainting/Live is not improvisation; it is the result of several months of rehearsed practice.

Reinis Zariņš: “Most of the visual resolutions that we create are abstract or symbolic, much like the music that we have chosen; we consciously strive to avoid a simple visualization of program music because that would be too much like drawing a storyboard. We believe that the symbolism of colors and shapes, alongside an unusual manner of execution, can present the wordless power of music much more precisely. The program has been created with a wide scope – it has a broad emotional and (even more so) informational range, and the selected musical pieces serve as fruitful ground in which the visual artwork can take root.”

Musical works in the program include: Busoni’s arrangement of Bach’s Chaconne; Franck’s Prélude, Choral et Fugue; the movement Through Him everything was made, from the grandiose suite Twenty contemplations on the infant Jesus by Olivier Messiaen; and Maurice Ravel’s multifarious and eerie La Valse.