FORWARD MAN is a series of paintings completed in Cēsis in July 2015. They reflect Christopher Flach’s focus on the interior life of the person, rather than the exterior fashion of the time. Flach writes “It is what is inside you that matters, your thoughts, your feelings, what you saw on the street that day, what you experienced in the past, what you anticipate for the future, not what is the fashion trend the moment, that is what my work is about.” Flach approaches his paintings like work. “I get up in the morning and bike to the studio – for me it is the office – I guess it is a labour of love.” The tactility of his materials (graphite, ink, oil stick and gauche) combined with the physical effort of creating, provide for him a sense of well being. “When I finish a work” says Flach, “I gain a sense of closure that then propels me even further”. Flach’s artistic process is distinct. By underscoring the sense of the process of work he has set himself apart from his contemporaries. “When one looks at my work they see a complete artistic syle.” “They view my strokes, my colour choice; they experience my sense of being at that time”. 

Christopher Flach was born in New York City. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Marietta College and a Doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook Institute in San Francisco. As an Artist, Christopher’s work has been exhibited in galleries, and museums aside artists as Ed Ruscha, Kiki Smith, John Baldessari and Pat Steir. Christopher has participated in several film festivals including Sleepless in Miami and the Best in New Media Film Festival (Los Angeles). His artwork was published in the The New York Times, hosted in a group exhibition at Cheim & Read Gallery and sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York City. He is represented by Gerald Bland in New York City.