The Carion woodwind quintet (Denmark).

Programme: Béla Bartók, Jacques Ibert, György Ligeti, Franz Liszt, Carl Nielsen

Although it is Denmark that the Carion woodwind quintet calls its home, two fifths of the ensemble are affiliated to Latvia: that is because two of its members are the clarinet player Egīls Šēfers and oboist Egils Upatnieks from Latvia. The glowing press reviews praise the internationally successful quintet for the ideal feel for music, perfect interplay, onstage charm and the tastefully selected repertoire. It is generally believed that Carion with its manner of playing and stage performance has brought new meaning and life to the classical wind quintet. While recordings by Carion are a great pleasure to listen to, it is the quintet’s performance in concert that provides the real experience. It is a noteworthy fact that the musicians play from memory in their concerts: like real actors, they fully devote themselves to delivering the sonic information, and this is where every facial expression, every smile and gesture plays an important role.

The programme of the Carion Quintet’s Cēsis concert will feature the Quintet by Carl Nielsen, the Danish composer, born in the same years as the Latvian poets Aspazija and Rainis and the Finnish composer Sibelius, whose 150th anniversary is being marked in 2015; the piece is juxtaposed with a version of Paganini’s étude arranged by Franz Liszt, György Ligeti’s flowing agatelles, Dmitri Shostakovich’s lovely character dances and Jacques Ibert’s charming little pieces.